Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

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Tokyo江東区福住1-13-4 霜ビル2-5F


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Hours & Shop Information

営業時間:10:00-18:00 定休日:土日祝日 / Business Hours: 10:00-18:00 JST (Weekdays Only)

About Price

販売価格は、表示された金額(表示価格/消費税込)と致します。/ Pricing
Prices displayed include tax.

About Payment Billing Date


Payment method:
Billing period: Transaction is processed once the order is confirmed.
Orders may be paid for via PayPal or bank transfer only.*

*For international bank transfers, confirmation of receipt of payment may take longer. Please note that any remittance fees incurred must be borne by the customer.

Shipping Date

配送のご依頼を受けてから5日以内に発送いたします。 / Shipping Times
Orders are shipped within 5 days of receipt.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

商品に欠陥がある場合を除き、基本的には返品には応じません。 / Refunds and Returns Policy
With the exception of cases in which the product is defective, we do not offer returns.

〒135-0032 東京都江東区福住一丁目13番4号 / Shimo Bldg 2-5F, 1-13-4, Fukuzumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0032